Jennifer Aniston in Hawaii on Set of “Just Go With It” with Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman

Here are some candids of Jennifer Aniston in Maui on Tuesday filming scenes with Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman for their new movie Just Go With It. According to IMDb, Just Go With It is about “A man [enlisting] the help of a woman and her kids to land the woman of his dreams.” Oh gee, Jennifer Aniston doing another romcom. Shock. Since she’s pretty much Rachel Green in everything she does, this role doesn’t surprise me. Adam Sandler gets a free pass from me becuase I loved Funny People. But Nicole Kidman is a robot. A robot who is bad for movie ticket sales. You know what’s funny? She was in The Stepford Wives as a woman who rejects the idea yet in real life, she seems like a stepford wife. Well now that I think about it, it’s really not funny. It’s just weird. And creepy. Just like her, her red mop and that movie The Others.

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Posted On : May 5th, 2010
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Jesse James, What is Wrong with You?

Jesse James cheated on wife and Oscar winner Sandra Bullock

Last week we learned that Jesse James cheated on his wife, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, with a tattooed adult model nick-named Bombshell. This news pretty much took everyone by the short hairs, because no one expected it. Jesse and Sandra made such a good couple, partly because they’re so different from one another. I wanted them to make it because I really like both of them. In fact, Sandra Bullock is one of my all time favorite celebrities. I was seriously upset when I found out Jesse cheated on her.

Well, when it rains, it pours.

Since Bombshell came out with this life ruining news, two other women have come forward and other events have been made public.

A female photographer from Los Angeles is now coming forward saying she shared “sext” (sex-related text messages) messages with James for year and they consumated their relationship four times. On top of this, James’ ex-wife  claims that just a month after James married Bullock, he called up his ex and said he wanted to meet her in Oregon and that he thinks he “made a mistake” marrying Bullock. AND, if it can get any worse for Jesse and Sandra, another tattoo model has come forward saying she had a sexual relationship with James just a year after he married Bullock.

Oh and let’s not forget the two women who filed separate lawsuits claiming James sexually harassed them. Both women–who filed suits in 2000 and 2003–settled for a large sum out of court.

Man, all this stuff is really making me wonder what kind of a man Jesse James really is. I mean, this is so not who I thought he was. I am feeling horrible for Sandra Bullock right now.

I’m still hoping some of this just isn’t true. After all, Janine Lindemulder (Jesse James’ ex-wife who is also a former porn-star who went to jail for not paying taxes) isn’t exactly reliable and honest.

We’ll see how this unfolds.

P.S.: the original skank that started this all said she called Jesse the “Vanilla Gorilla” because he was so well endowed. Sick! :( I hope Sandra doesn’t have to hear these terrible details!


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Posted On : March 25th, 2010
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Ke$ha is the Worst

When did the hi-cut look from the 90′s come back to the swimsuit world? Or is this just another thing that Ke$ha just doesn’t give a f*ck about because she’s so hardcore? Yeah, spelling tick “tik” and tock “tok” is super hardcore. Oh and putting them in a mix of CAPS and lowers is also super hardcore. Someone call the cops because badass Ke$ha is going to come and spell your name with a dollar sign and leave the first letter small! Going against rules of modern English is the most hardcore!

Here is Ke$ha at the beach in Sydney Australia wearing a gross swimsuit. Wait, correction, if you put that swimsuit on Miranda Kerr or Rachel Bilson, it wouldn’t be gross. But because it’s completely wrong for her body type, it is gross looking. She looks like she jumped out of a menthol cigarette ad from the late 80′s. You work that hi-cut swimsuit with a hole in it, Ke$ha!

Oh and a valid reason for not liking Ke$ha? She burned on Britney Spears. Yes, Britney Spears is a pathetic heap at this precise moment in time but lets not forget how she rocked the crap out of the VMA’s & pop music scene from 1999-2004, okay? And for her talking about Britney–who is somewhat of a pop legend no matter what she does from now on–she gets on my sh*t list. Just like Rihanna.

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Posted On : March 24th, 2010
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Miley Cyrus is a Redhead

Miley Cyrus has Red Hair going to Good Morning America in New York City on March 22, 2010 to promote her movie "Last Song"Miley Cyrus has red hair. And if you try not to look at her chipmunk face or listen to the idiotic stuff she says, you might actually be able to enjoy her for once. A picture is the only way I could ever enjoy Miley Cyrus, because then I do not have to hear her annoying voice, her stupid thoughts, or see her bad tooth-to-gum ratio. And the only pictures I could possibly enjoy (stills of her falling into a lake or maybe even crying about something stupid) don’t exist so when she looks decent, I am happy to post it. Because I know that, sadly, this is the closest I’ll ever come to Miley Cyrus not completely ruining my day. Her looking decent.

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Posted On : March 22nd, 2010
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There’s a Difference Between Comfortable and Trashy

Britney Spears trashy cutoff shorts Uggs Fanta soda bleached hair extensionsAnd this is clearly trashy.

Yeah, sometimes I go to the store with velour sweatpants and a grungy tee-shirt from college with flips flops and no make up. We all do this. But do we wear winter boots with the shortest, most inexcusably hideous shorts with a tight shirt and no bra with red lipstick (and eye make up that is a week old) to the gas station to buy our favorite orange Fanta? I know I don’t.

Britney Spears wants to have a come back and be respected and everything but this is not the way. Can’t your “relax” clothes actually look like clothes a person could relax in? I have a wedgie and sweaty feet just from looking at her. She really needs to take a bath and find herself some better down-time clothes. Or just not go out.


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Posted On : March 22nd, 2010
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Jesse James Cheated on Sandra Bullock, She Moves Out

On the heels of her Oscar win for Best Actress for her work in The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock is n0w going through the worst thing imaginable. A couple of days ago a woman came forward to InTouch Weekly claiming that for the last couple of months she had been having a sexual relationship with Sandra’s husband of six years, Jesse James. The woman claimed that Jesse told her Sandra lived in her own house, and that was all he could say about their marital situation. According to the woman, Jesse made it seem like he and Sandra were separated.

If you’ve seen the woman, you know she fits the stereotype of someone you’d expect a guy like Jesse to be with. I’m not going to say her name or link to her, because a homewrecking attention whore doesn’t deserve anything. Regardless if she thought they were separated, he’s married! That’s not right.

According to a source close to Sandra, the actress moved out of the Southern California home she shared with James a couple of days before the magazine hit newsstand. Most likely Sandra was given a courtesy call to notify her of what the magazine said, and when it was coming out. When the news hit yesterday, Sandra immediately pulled out of her U.K. premiere of The Blind Side, blaming personal issues. The whole premiere, in turn, was canned.

This is terrible, terrible news and I feel so awful for Sandra. I really love her as a person and an actress and I was devastated when I read this. I didn’t peg Jesse James for that type of guy. I hope that if it’s true, they can try to work it out because they made such a good couple. But if she leaves him, I don’t blame her and I back her up 100%!

This is said to be part of the “Best Actress Oscar Curse“: you and your partner will inevitably split! Past Best Actress winners to have their marriage/relationship failed within a year or two of winning?

Kate Winslet (won for The Reader and recently announced she and her husband Sam Mendes have been split up for a year), Hilary Swank (won for Million Dollar Baby and split with her husband Rob Lowe less than two years later), Halle Berry (won for Monster’s Ball and split with husband Eric Benet), Julia Roberts (won for Erin Brockovich and split from long-time boyfriend Benjamin Bratt), Reese Witherspoon (split from husband Ryan Phillippe after her win for Walk the Line), and Helen Hunt (split from husband Hank Azaria after her win for As Good As It Gets)… there are actually more but you get the idea!

I hope Sandra overcomes all of this drama! She deserves positive attention!

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Posted On : March 18th, 2010
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