Ken Paves Dumped Britney Spears Last Minute

For those of you who don’t know, Ken Paves is a famous hair dresser best known for his relationship with Jessica Simpson.. the two are like girlfriends! On the night of the 2007 MTV VMA’s, Britney’s hair was supposed to be done by Ken’s assistants but Ken showed up instead. (Which is better, isn’t it?) Long story short, Britney Spears freaked out and Ken Paves pulled a diva move and took off. Amen to him!

Weeks before the awards show, “Britney had requested his two female assistants [to do her extensions] since she prefers women around her,” and was disappointed when Paves himself arrived, says a Spears source. The stylist soon left, taking his hair with him.

“He bailed,” says the source. Says Paves’s rep: “Ken made the professional decision not to do her hair for the VMAs.”

The professional decision or the smart decision to not be walked on and yelled at by Britney? She really needs to stop being a brat. I want her to make a comeback and everything, but I cannot stand her bratty behavior and superior attitude. We know you’re famous, Brit, now use it for positive stuff!


Posted On : September 12th, 2007
Posted By : Ms. Hollywood
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  1. He probably realized that she was not going to do good and figured they were going to dissect every part of her image as well as performance. So, he high-tailed it out of there. He probably did not want his crappy work scrutinezed. He looks like a pain in the ass.

  2. I agree…Britney needs to start taking the favors that are being handed to her..rather than making childish demands. Besides…WHO would let her make any type of decision that involves hair?

  3. I wouldn’t want him touching my head either. I haven’t seen a celebrity do of his that I’ve liked yet.

  4. Somebody needs to tell Ms. Brit that she is not hot anymore and from what her hair looked like at the VMAs, I would not have cared if it was DOn King who came to do it. Her hair was a mess. So eat some humble pie biotch!!!

  5. lol @ Estee

  6. [...] Ken Paves Dumped Britney Spears Last Minute [...]

  7. Britney Spears is an ugly fat slob who apparently had a freak out that Ken Paves showed up to do her hair instead of his female assistant. Britney also mentioned she doesn’t like men being around her. I’m seriously not kidding when i say britney has some mental and emotional problems.

  8. When Ken Paves was doing Britney’s hair she yelled at him for no reason saying that he’s annoying her. Pretty much she was being a bitch like usual. So Ken just grabbed his stuff and left. Ken seems like a really laid back cool guy with no temper so if he got pissed off by Britney damn then she must be a nasty bitch.

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