Jared Leto in Chapter 27

It’s Saturday and I don’t usually post on Saturday. I like to take the weekend off from the site so I can get downtime and study time. But since I was a complete trick last week and didn’t post hardly at all (a lot of school work pre Spring Break, what can I say?), I felt compelled to do at least one post over the weekend. Don’t get your hopes up for an Easter update, though, because I am leaving for Monterey this afternoon and won’t be back until tomorrow evening. ANYWAY.

Here’s the movie poster for Jared Leto‘s new movie Chapter 27. Remember a year (or more) ago when Jared Leto got really fat for a movie role? Yeah, it was for this one. It’s finally coming out. It’s going to be released in New York City on March 28. I wouldn’t mind seeing it except for one thing: Lindsay Lohan is in it. Can a movie be good and have a chance at being nominated for an Oscar if Lindsay Lohan is in it? I just don’t think so. She’s not a good actress. Thankfully Jared Leto is a good actor and can usually carry a film so we’ll see.

In case you’re wondering, Chapter 27 is about the man who shot John Lennon. And for those of you who don’t know, John Lennon was a famous British artist who was part of The Beatles. I sort of want to see this, just because I want to see if Jared Leto put on the weight for a good reason. But I know I won’t see it because going to the movies are expensive and that’s why I have Netflix. So if anyone sees it when it comes out, let me know if it’s any good, okay? Great.

Posted On : March 22nd, 2008
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  2. you’re a fucking dumbass!

    first off, like anyone doesn’t know who john lennon is? seriously?!
    and jared leto can usually carry a film? what film has he ever carried? i can only think of two he’s even been in.
    i’ve been reading your sight for a while, and you say some pretty dumb/rude shit. you’re a bitch.

  3. A lot of younger readers don’t know who John Lennon is, actually. And Jared Leto, despite my hatred for him, is a great actor. Have you seen Panic Room? Lord of War? Fight Club? American Psycho? Girl, Interrupted? There’s more than 2 and he’s great and talented in all of them. And just a little FYI Sheri, it’s spelled “site” not “sight.” Maybe you should spend less time reading my site and reading a dictionary. I suppose I can be as rude as I want to, seeing how this is my site. If you don’t like it, start your own site. And I’d rather be a bitch than an uneducated illiterate dumb ass who spends her time leaving rude comments on websites she could never run.
    Thanks for reading!

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