Christina Applegate and Jonathan Schaech’s Divorce is Final

Christina Applegate, who was married to Jonathan Schaech for 4 years, is finally single again! Jonathan filed for divorce in 2005 after rumors of Applegate cheating on him while she was doing Sweet Charity on Broadway. Us Weekly says this of the finalized divorce:

As part of their divorce agreement, Schaech will receive a 2001 Mercedes convertible, the contents of numerous bank accounts, a cement Buddha, and one-time payment of $105,000 from Applegate. He has agreed to forego his right to collect spousal support.

For her part, Applegate, who will next be seen starring in new ABC series Samantha Who?, will keep the couple’s houses, her 2006 Lexus, and the contents of numerous bank accounts.

Umm.. where are all of these bank accounts coming from? I mean, does Kelly Bundy really have that much money saved up? Because that show as awesome back in the early 90′s, but since then she’s been in a couple of mediocre films that I can’t imagine have made her a millionaire. Maybe all of those bank accounts have like, five bucks in them? In that case, Jonathan got jipped. I sort of hope to see more of Christina Applegate. I like her a lot. She might be broke, but she was funny in The Sweetest Thing.

Posted On : August 10th, 2007
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  1. OMG I got my picure takin with Jonathan and Christina

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