Tiffany Pollard’s New Show “New York Goes to Hollywood”


What can we say about Tiffany Pollard? She’s the fakest broad out there, besides Omarosa, and she’s probably getting loaded off of these lame ass reality shows. We all know they’re beyond fake but they’re somewhat entertaining so, of course, lame America tunes in. So set your TiVo’s because Tiffany Pollard, better know as New York, is coming back with her new reality show “New York Goes to Hollywood.” The show will follow Tiffany on her quest to break into the acting business in Hollywood. Bitch needs to stop kidding herself. She’s a horrible actress. She can’t even fake a reality show. But I know all you Flavor of Love and I Love New York fans will be counting down the days til this mess is on.

For those of you who don’t give a crap about New York, you can tune into something equally as fake but a pinch less ghetto. It will be called “Brooke Hogan Knows Best” and it’s following Brooke Hogan moving out of her parents house and starting her own, more independent life. Maybe they’ll show her stupid brother going to jail for putting his buddy in a coma? That would be good TV.


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“I Love New York Season 2″ Premiered Last Night, Tiffany Pollard is Gross

I’m totally not even going to lie about this. I used to religiously watch “I Love New York” when it first aired. Hell, I watched “Flavor of Love” and “Rock of Love” and pretty much any other trashy reality show that VH1 can come up with. I’m not ashamed… those are entertaining! And like Britney Spears does, they make me totally love myself! All those breezies are beyond skanky and it’s a total boost of confidence for me! Anyway, I missed the premiere of “I Love New York Season 2″ last night because I was watching The Messengers on DVD. I know it’s sort old but I’m really going strong on this John Corbett kick and I couldn’t help myself! He’s such a hot piece! ANYWAY. I missed Tiffany Pollard on “I Love New York” last night but Michael K over at Dlisted said it sucked so I’m guessing he’s right.

There are a lot of rumors that Tiffany Pollard is just an actress and that the woman who plays her mother is also an actress and not even her mother. Well, whatever. The show is still entertaining. Tiffany Pollard is more over the top than a drag queen on ice skates! TRUST!

The picture in this post is of Tiffany Pollard at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors Hoop game in Brooklyn. Judging by how many pictures there are of her being there, I’m guessing no real hip-hop artists were there. I’m guessing no real anybodies were there, besides Tiffany herself. She’s a class act! I can’t wait to catch the re-runs of the first episode!


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“I Love New York” is 100% Fake

Somehow this news is less than surprising. It seems that Media Take Out has discovered that the Vh1 hit reality show ‘I Love New York’ is a fraud. The show was rumored to be fake when the winner, Tango, broke up with New York on the reunion show. Now, it’s surfaced that New York’s real name isn’t Tiffany Pollard and the woman who plays her mom isn’t her mom; she’s an actress.

‘New York’ is actually Kenya Simmons of Newark New Jersey. Never heard of her? Well, it’s not likely that you would have. Simmons, a former exotic dancer, has shown up to many a reality show castings. (I work for Fox). To add hilarity to the stew, she was rejected thrice by “The Bachelor”. Simmons is not the only television hopeful who has shown her face at numerous open call castings. The actress (and I use that term loosely) who plays “Mrs. Michelle”, New York’s mother, Leslie Bibbs, is not only of no relation to Simmons, but once stood in the same cattle call line with her at an open call for a B.E.T reality show.

Hmm. I want to care about this, because it is sort of a scandal, but I just don’t. Because I’m sure there are more reality shows out there that are wayy more fake than this stupid show. I guarantee there’s some really fake stuff going on behind the scenes of The Real World. That’s all I’m saying.


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‘I Love New York’ is Crazy in Real Life

Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard, the star of Vh1′s ‘I Love New York’, is apparently a crazy mad woman in real life… not just on that crappy show.

On a lot of reality shows, the producers have to resort to creative editing to make the show worth while. Like on ‘The Real World’, I’m guessing that show is so edited and spliced to make drama that half of that stuff isn’t even real.

However, I think the show I Love New York was different. Producers probably have to edit stuff out to make her safe for the tele. This girl was crazy to the extreme on that show. Always screaming, yelling, crying, lying… if it was dramatic, she did it. And I sort of thought she was acting for the show, to be over-the-top. But apparently she’s really crazy, even off the show. located a woman claiming to be Tango’s girlfriend – and she had a lot to say. The young lady, who is a student at Florida A&M University, told us, “The show was just a big game … you know, for his rap career. But that psycho New York doesn’t seem to get it. The crazy [EXPLETIVE] texts [Tango] at least 100 times a day and sends him all kinds of naked pictures of herself.”
And according to the woman, she’s beginning to fear for her safety. She explains, “I’m not really worried about Tango leaving me for her. But I’m worried that [New York] may spazz out one day and come and get us.” The young lady continues, “If you read some of the things she sends [Tango], you’d be worried too. In one message she said that she’s not afraid to murder someone for [Tango]. … Most of the times me and [Tango] read what she writes, we laugh at her. But there’s nothing funny about murder.”
And there may some truth to what the woman is saying. A key source at VH1 told that during the taping of the reunion show, Tango was very cold towards New York. (Source)

Well if “Tango” isn’t careful he’s going to get himself murdered, apparently. Or maybe this is all hype for another New York show? I definitely hope not. How much of this Tiffany person does the world need??


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New York Loves Tango

New York

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I have seen close to half of the season of ‘I Love New York’, the popular reality show on VH1 featuring Flavor of Love cast-off Tiffany Pollard, aka “New York.” For those of you who haven’t seen either of the shows, heres a short summary:

I Love New York is a reality television show airing on VH1 that stars Tiffany Pollard (better known as “New York”) in her own quest to find her true love. The show features Mauricio Sanchez as “Chamo,” New York’s assistant and Michelle Patterson, Pollard’s mother. The show is a spin off of the show Flavor of Love, of which Tiffany Pollard appeared in both seasons as a finalist to become the wife of rapper Flavor Flav. (Source)

The beginning of the show is much like the beginning of The Bachelor. There were 20 contestants, and with each episode, anywhere from 3-5 contestants were eliminated.

Last night was the season finale of the show. Who did she pick? Her choices were between two men nicknamed “Tango” and “Chance.” Who did she choose? Tango, real name Patrick Hunter. He must have really wanted to be picked, because he got down on his knee and proposed to her. She said yes. Are they really going to get married? Who knows, who cares.  If anyone has any information on their update, let us know!!

New York at the clubNew York doing whatevnew york uglytango and bostontango and new yorktango frenching new yorktangotango posingtango self portrait


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