Ashlee Simpson Doesn’t Want You to Know She Smokes, Whoops

You know, smoking is a nasty thing. It stinks, causes cancer, and is quite expensive if it’s a habit. But let me tell you, no one gives a shit what Ashlee Simpson does. I mean, I like some of her music so I’m as much of a fan as the next and I don’t care if she smokes. I’d rather see her smoking cigarettes in an alley while eating candy from strangers than see her dating Pete Wentz. But Ashlee apparently is worried the smoking is worse than dating Pete.

Ashlee Simpson begged a photog not to take her picture last week during a cigarette break outside boyfriend Pete Wentz’s East Village bar, Angels and Kings. “I don’t want my fans knowing I smoke!” she pleaded. “It’s so bad, but I just crave nicotine sometimes.”

Anytime I can take a stab at Pete Wentz I usually do so here it goes: It figures Pete Wentz would have a bar in the Village because thats where the gays go. I know this because one time I was shopping in the village (on vacation so I don’t count, smartasses) and I saw Kevin Spacey there and well, Kevin Spacey. So, if my calculations are right, Pete Wentz is a flaming homosexual. And before all the Pete Wentz lovers get their panties in a bunch, I know he’s not gay openly but you wait… one day!


Posted On : November 21st, 2007
Posted By : Ms. Hollywood
Posted To : Ashlee Simpson

4 Responses to “Ashlee Simpson Doesn’t Want You to Know She Smokes, Whoops”

  1. I heard about this too and I just laughed! As if we are worried her “voice” could get ruined by smoking huh? Please.

  2. This fugly, fake and talentless idiot has fans???

    who knew, no please Ashlee please don’t let us know you smoke, I mean we can’t have you contradicting yourself now can we?, oh wait a minute…yes…yes it was your dumb ass that told young girls to proud of how they look and accept it, yet you went and got your nose and chin done.

    Dumb bitch.

  3. omg ashlee i hate you so much and what are you talking about you have no fricking fans!
    ash back off
    go to hell
    you are worse then Brittany,paris,Nicole

    I HATE YOU!!!


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